Are Your Socks Up to Snuff?

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Candy Cane Knee Socks by Madelinetosh
photo by Madelinetosh

While the type of shoes you choose for your exercise routine is important, WebMD points out that wearing the wrong socks as the number two cause of workout-related foot injuries and lists a host of problems including blisters and skin fungus that can result from wearing socks that are too tight, too loose, rough or too thick.

 To avoid problems, David Varsik, director of Research and Development for North Carolina-based Thorlo socks, advises you to invest in quality. “Don’t buy a cheap pair of socks, “ Varsik said. “Select a high quality shoe designed specifically for your activity, and choose a high quality, engineered padded sock that will integrate with your footwear and provide you with the utmost protection and comfort while performing the activity.” For example, Varsik says in the design of their running socks, Thorlo accounts for how your foot moves during running, the type of surface you run on, and the climate in which you run.

 If you need a bit of advice on what’s available in the sock market, Runner’s World offers this list of eleven sock recommendations for runner’s that, for example, alleviate specific conditions like heavy sweating or odor, feel the softest or are best in winter. Women’s Health highlights a variety of sports socks, some with features such as stir-ups to promote blood flow, toe separation to prevent blisters, extra padding under the balls and heels to ease impact on joints or made from environmentally conscious recycled polyester fabric.

 Overall, the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine reminds us that “socks make the feet” so be sure to choose this important footwear with care and attention to keep your feet happy and healthy.


Karen Archia

Associate Producer, The Fitness Files

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photo credit: Candy Cane Knee Socks by Madelinetosh/licensed under cc, resized


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