Derek Long - Producer


Derek isn’t one for sitting still, and when he’s not on the go for UNC-TV he’s out engaging in sports, or backpacking, hiking, scuba diving, skydiving, running, biking, . . . “I’ve always been an active person,” says Long, “and I want to continue to be.  I want to be better informed about keeping fit and healthy and figured a lot of our viewers would as well.”  And so Derek’s latest adventure is producing The Fitness Files.

Derek Long has been lugging cameras and production gear around the state and the world producing programs for UNC-TV since the mid 1980’s.  “I get to travel around, meet interesting people, see and learn things I didn’t know,” says Long.  “It’s the perfect job for someone with a proclivity for wanderlust and adventure.” 

Karen Archia - Associate Producer


Karen Archia considers herself part of the audience for The Fitness Files, not just its associate producer. “I am someone who has struggled with fitness and eating habits my entire life. I’ve never met a potato I didn’t like and confess to a deep affection for strawberry licorice, although I do enjoy kale salad regularly and no one works an elliptical machine better than I do.”  At UNC-TV, she was North Carolina Now’s first newsmaker producer, lining up interviews with notables such as Hillary Clinton, Judd Hirsch, Reynolds Price, and Nnenna Freelon; and co-produced the award-winning Hate in Our State, which documented the issue of racial and religious violence in North Carolina. She also spent more than a decade working in communications for the North Carolina state affiliate of the National Education Association. She currently splits her time between Greensboro, NC and Carrboro, NC. 

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